Child Care / Preschool

The City of Lewiston defines child care as providing supervision and non-medical care on a regular basis during any twenty-four hour period for children under the age of 13 years, not the children or stepchildren of the provider, in return for compensation at a child care facility. A preschool facility is defined as a home or place of structured instruction where educational sessions last no longer than four consecutive hours, not governed by the State Board of Education, where learning and knowledge is imparted to children between the ages of three and six years in preparation for public and/or private education, where no meals are served and no sleeping area is provided.

Not Applicable 

A child care/preschool license does not apply to:

  • Occasional care of a child or children by neighbors, relatives, or friends not ordinarily engaged in child care.
  • Private or parochial education facilities in which children kindergarten age or older are taught a curriculum approved by the State Board of Education within facilities with approved certificates of occupancy.
  • Summer day camps, programs, religious schools, and other summer activities operating less than 12 weeks during a calendar year with a documented certification of occupancy.
  • Child care of up to two hours’ duration while the parent or guardian is on the premises, providing the building has a certificate of occupancy.
  • Any arrangement whereby children receive care in their parents’ or guardians’ homes.
  • Any arrangement for the care of a child, related by blood or marriage to the care provider, unless such care is at the same time being provided to unrelated children or the number of children in care exceeds three children.
  • The care of a child or siblings of one additional family in addition to the person’s own children, unless the number of children in care exceeds three children.

How to Apply

To apply for a Child Care/Preschool License please contact our Business License Coordinator at 208-746-1318 ext 7256.

Please note: A background study is required for the prospective applicants, their employees, regular volunteers, substitutes, persons living at the facility (13 years of age or older), and any other persons who will have access to or are directly responsible for the care and treatment of children in care.

City Code

For more information on Child Care/Preschool license, see Lewiston City Code Chapter 21, Article III. Child Care.