Project ChildSafe

Project ChildSafe is a nationwide program developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, to continue giving away, free of charge, gunlocks. Each gunlock is separately keyed and can be used on most:

  • Bolt-action rifles
  • Revolvers
  • Semi-automatic handguns
  • Semi-automatic rifles
  • Shotguns

The Problem

More than 30 million Americans enjoy using firearms for hunting, and sport shooting. Of that 30 million, most own more than one firearm. When these firearms are not being used, they must be safely and securely stored. The firearm owner has to take the responsibility to know how to safely handle and secure this potentially deadly weapon.

How to Get a Gunlock

The gunlocks are available at the Lewiston Police Department at any time. Just ask the Communications Specialist for your free gunlock. If you have any questions please call the Police Department at 208-746-0171.