In Memoriam

Officer Harold J. Mosman (May 20, 1901 Through August 9, 1921)

Faithfully gave his life for our community, while in the dedicated performance of duty, on his motorcycle, making an attempt to seek medical attention for two drowning victims at Lewiston Beach.

Officer Harold J. Mosman

Officer Gordon Harris (November 7, 1896 Through October 21, 1924)

Courageously gave his life for his community, making the Supreme Sacrifice, while attempting to apprehend four bank robbers at a roadblock. Although mortally wounded, Officer Harris returned fire, striking two of the robbers. Two robbers were arrested and the other two surrendered to police.

Officer Gordon Harris

Officer Ralph T. Russell (June 3, 1939 Through June 15, 1970)

A distinguished and revered officer, loved by the young people and respected by all, who made the Supreme Sacrifice while attempting to apprehend two Federal Fugitives: Melvin L. Cox and Jessie L. Jones on June 15, 1970.

Officer Ralph T. Russell

Officer Edward E. Davis (December 16, 1913 Through November 18, 1971)

Faithfully gave his life for our Community when he suffered a massive heart attack while in the valiant pursuit of a felonious offender during a high-speed vehicle chase on November 18, 1971.

Officer Edward E. Davis

Officer Ross D. Flavel (July 13, 1946 Through January 13, 1972)

Courageously gave his life for our Community while in the diligent and dedicated performance of duty in securing a bomb used in a robbery attempt at Dean’s Drug Center on January 13, 1972.

Officer Ross D. Flavel