Support Services

  1. Animal Control

    Animal Control is made up of one full-time person who is responsible for the enforcement of the City of Lewiston Animal Control Codes. These may range from dogs and cats to cattle and wildlife.

  2. Code Enforcement

    One of Lewiston’s highest priorities is to work with residents and businesses to preserve and maintain the livability, values and integrity of our neighborhoods.

  3. School Resource Officers

    The School Resource Officers serve the important function of not only providing protection at our local public schools but they also serve as mentors for the students. They take reports at any of our public schools, ranging from vandalism to bullying, to battery.

  4. Evidence Custodian

  5. Computer Specialist

  6. Parking Enforcement

  7. Police Systems Coordinator

  8. COPS Downtown Officers

  1. Klone_22

    Jeff Klone


  2. Police Department

    Physical Address
    1224 F Street
    Lewiston, ID 83501

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 617
    Lewiston, ID 83501

    Fax: 208-746-6179