Public Works

Our Mission

To provide excellent public service with entrusted resources. 

Our Vision

We are motivated to be a recognized leader in providing quality water, wastewater, stormwater drainage system, solid waste, street maintenance, traffic control, GIS, and engineering services so that we are a source of distinction within the community. We accept the responsibility to provide quality essential services to our customers and to always protect the safety and welfare of the public.

Our Values

The following values are the foundation of our mission and vision:

  • We value and respect our customers, both internally and externally; 
  • We acknowledge that our staff is one of our greatest resources. We respect, support, encourage their growth, and ensure their safety.
  • We encourage positive communication with all internal and external customers. 
  • We understand Local, State, and Federal rules and regulations and how they impact public services. 
  • We continually pursue improved methods of enhancing public services. 
  • We responsibly use all resources entrusted to us. 
  • We view interactions with the public as opportunities to manifest positive and courteous behavior.


The Public Works Department is responsible for the management of activities related to:

Recently Completed Projects & Active Projects

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