Commercial Services

Extra Solid Waste Material

Commercial customers may dispose of an additional 12 cubic yards of solid waste material at the Transfer Station at no additional charge each fiscal year. Thereafter commercial accounts will be charged $20 per cubic yard.

Commercial customers may save on solid waste material disposal costs by participating in recycling activities. Please contact Sunshine Disposal & Recycling, Western Recyclers, or Pacific Steel and Recycling for your recycling opportunities.

Proper Load Coverings

All loads must be properly covered for transport to the Transfer Station.Garbage Truck Emptying a Dumpster

  • Proper covering shall be fabric, canvas, or plastic tarp, metal mesh screen or net. 
  • Loads of tree limbs or brush shall be securely tied or covered. 

The loss of any load shall be evidence of improper covering or tying and may be subject to a penalty by local law enforcement.