Pavement Marking


The City spends $36,150 annually on traffic paint and reflective glass beads for pavement marking. In areas where maximum durability is needed, such as where school crosswalks are located on high volume roads, a melt down plastic material is used.


The City’s two two-man paint crews start their season in May and finish around October when inclement weather begins. Each crew consists of one full-time and one seasonal employee. One crew works a day shift from 7 am to 3:30 pm repainting centerlines and edge lines. The second crew works nights from midnight to 7:30 am repainting crosswalks, arrows, curbs, and stop bars.

Pavement Marking

Pavement marking includes:

  • 5 - RR Legend locations
  • 14 - Stop legends
  • 21 - Raised islands in 13 locations
  • 32 - City-owned parking lots
  • 56.5 - Total miles of street painted
  • 67 - School stop bars
  • 143 - School crossings
  • 218 - Regular crosswalks
  • 226 - Regular stop bars
  • 703 - Parking T’s in 9 locations

For more traffic-related information, you can visit the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.