COPS Downtown Officers


COPS contact information:

Officer Mike Rigney

Officer Jacob Gunter

The Community Policing Program is comprised of two police officers.  The program began in May of 2019 due to funding received from a federal grant.  The grant is funded on a proportional basis, beginning at a rate of 75% / 25% , then 50% / 50%, then 25% / 75%.   The city will be responsible for funding the program for the remaining 2 years which are required under the agreement.  It is our hope that this program will continue for many years in the future.  

The COP’s program allows our officers to focus their efforts in the downtown business district and North Lewiston area. The grant specifically requires officers to focus on issues associated with homelessness but also includes issues of quality of life affecting these areas.  We have received a lot of positive feedback from the community since beginning the program.  Officers are able to spend a lot more one on one contact with local businesses and have worked to develop solutions to concerns/ problems.  Our officers have also had a positive impact on the homeless population and have begun strengthening relationships with resources in the valley to help this population.