Cash Hardware Company (City Library)

411 D Street


Cash Hardware Company (Lewiston City Library)   Built between 1896 and 1900


Built by Edward P. Dorris and purchased by Robert P. Erb in 1910, the name was later changed to Erb Hardware. In the 1880s and early 1890s, Cash Hardware was a wooden building west of the brick structure on what is now the Historic District parking lot, where it sold coal, stoves, and plows. It expanded eastward with a brick building that eventually came to consist of four buildings joined together, each addition a sign of growth.

In the early years, the second story housed the Lewiston Morning Tribune and a tin shop; the first story housed hardware, agricultural implements, and needlework stores. The freight elevator structure is still visible inside. Erb Hardware had been the longest existing business still in its original location until 1998, when it sold its building after 102 years, and moved to the Lewiston Orchards.

 Credit NPCHS



Cash Hardware located on the right hand side, circa 1916.

Building c. 1910

Circa 1910

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