5th Street & Bryden Ave Intersection

Project Description

Roadways wear down over time until it eventually needs repairs or an overall reconstruction. Bryden Avenue is one of Lewiston's most trafficked arterial roads and, in addition to normal wear and tear, increased traffic and development have created a higher demand for use of this roadway. 

A mill and overlay is recommended as a more cost effective method than reconstruction for improving the roadway safety. A full reconstruction of this intersection will be a part of a future Bryden Avenue Reconstruction Project but this interim improvement is necessary to improve safe use of the intersection.5th Street and Bryden Avenue Intersection facing northbound on 5th Street.

Mill and Overlay construction is scheduled for mid-October and will require up to two (2) days to complete. Construction will be on a weekday with hours of operation generally between 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM. This work will require closing the intersection of 5th Street and Bryden Ave, but access to all property will remain open and accessible.  

As with all construction, unforeseen conditions may occur which could alter schedules; further details shall be forthcoming.