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3D Print Request Form

  1. 3D Print Request Form
    Fill out the following information to submit a request for a 3D print. Library staff will contact you with any additional questions/restrictions and to verify print details.
  2. Submitting Files

    Submit a print request by either copy/pasting a link to a 3D model, or uploading a 3D model in a zipped (compressed) folder.

  3. Copy and paste the link from a website like to request a print. If there are multiple files, please clarify below which one(s) you want.

  4. Files over 20MB cannot be submitted via this online form. Larger files must be submitted in person at the Library's 2nd Floor Help Desk.

  5. Please let us know if you have a custom request for your 3D print (layer height, infill, etc.), have a color request, or would like a specific file to be printed.

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