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Equity Buy-In (EBI) - Quote Request Form

  1. Introduction

    Equity Buy-In (EBI) fees are one-time charges for new customers desiring to connect to the City’s water and/or sewer systems. These charges are assessed to recover costs over and above the direct costs associated with connecting a new service to the system.

    The EBI charge reflects the expected demand that a new customer will place upon that system and the current depreciated value for the replacement of the system. The charges are reviewed and updated per the annual audit of the system and represent the reasonable prorated share of the value of the system that has been constructed and maintained for the new customer’s use.

    All EBI fees collected are deposited in a specific revenue account and are to be used only for the replacement of the capacity of the water and sewer system and not for any other use.

  2. An email address is required in order for staff to send you an EBI quote or obtain any clarifying information based on what you provide in this form.

  3. Please provide the address, nearest adjacent address, cross-streets, or a brief description to assist staff with locating the property you are interested in obtaining a quote for.

    You can use the interactive City of Lewiston General Map (link to map) available on the City website to assist you in completing this form.

    Screenshot of the interactive City of Lewiston General Map demonstrating the search tool location.

  4. Other - Additional Water and/or Sewer

    Please select all additional water and/or sewer services you are interested in installing on your property. 

    Please note: if you decided to tap into the lateral currently servicing your property instead of installing a new service connection to the water and/or sewer main, you would not be charged a fee for this additional connection.

  5. Please provide any other information you feel staff should be aware of when putting together a quote for this property or any other questions or concerns you may have. 

    If you have a question about any other service options which may not be included in this form, please enter your question here.

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